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As The Sodshow about page will tell you, we make no bones about the fact that we are founded on a stable base of great friends (that, is all of you by the by) and that we pretty much acquired and borrowed most of our equipment in order to get the show on the road. We are still at that point. And very grateful and proud of to this day for that.

What makes any show great, in my opinion are a number of factors.

  1. you and your ears, for listening
  2. and the great and sometimes often quirky guests for talking with us

And not that the numbers really matter to us (as in there is nothing we gain from it/ we do this gig free gratis etc) but, the fact that we ride sometimes quite high in the (hobbies catgeory) charts is a real credit to, again, those same two sets of people. Or 3. Or possibly 4. That is if we count both of your ears as individuals. And as people. Which technically they are not.

My terrible wry wit aside, one favour we might ask, if you don’t mind terribly.

  1. Head to The Sodshow in iTunes
  2. Click rate
  3. Type in an aul’ review.

The screengrab image above top as a by the way, taken today August 31st 2015. There’s a Westlife/ One Direction love song in there somehwere with your name all over it. I can feel it in my waters.

Mucho gusto in advance.
Huge X

On behalf of the crew.

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