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Ireland’s Garden Podcast – How To Embed A Show

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Let’s say there’s an episode of the sodshow that you really really like and you wanna embed that into your own site ? As you might do with a youtube video – or – as we do here on with every show.

  1. On, pick the show that you like.
    – then click the title on the audio player; where the arrows are pointing…..ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 9
  2. this will bring you to our Audioboom channel.
    you should see this: ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow
  3. Scroll through and pick the show the you want – let’s say for eg. this one on Mushrooms.
    and click on it…..ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 2
  4. In the top right hand corner you will see embed, as circled below.
    Click on that…..ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 3
  5. An embed code will appear. Copy or cut that weird looking text……ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 4
  6. When you go to your blog website and begin to write a new post
    – hit the HTML button as circled below
    – then paste that bad boy text in – see where the arrow is…..ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 5
  7. Almost there….. then click visual.
    You’ll end up with something that looks like a Youtube video.
    ….just continue typing below your post below that.ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 6
  8.  On publishing, your post will appear like soireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 7
  9. Or you can add in some pics like we do every Friday and make it look like so…..ireland's garden podcast, the sodshow 8

Any probs or if you’re stuck, just drop us a note and we’ll get you there.

The SodShow Online:

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