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Competition: 2 x €50 CountryLife (Glanbia Agribusiness) Vouchers


At some stage this Friday (that’s not to add mystery to the competition more, I’d tell you if I knew but I don’t as I’ll be in a garden somewhere working) we’ll have 2 x €50 CountryLife (Glanbia Agribusiness) Vouchers to give away.

Glanbia/ CountryLife and James of course are no strangers to The Sodshow. And this posting is more by way of thanks to James and the crew at CountryLife for thinking of us and for being pretty sound. Guaranteed to grow a smile indeed. 😉

Chances are pretty high that Caitriona will give them away via either of the following:

You can find out more info on Countrylife at the following places online:

peter donegan, james barry

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