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The Sodshow says Thank You: Greensax


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As noted on twitter today and (only) joined up here to appear a little tidier.

Yes we are sponsorless.

If I’m honest, considering where & how we started ( ) the sponsoring of us in the 1st place was more than a very pleasant shock, as versus surprise. We never thought we were that good looking & they asked us up to dance; if you will.

And when you consider they handed a radio station (not us, ) a small leprechaun every month for more than 3 years solid I can only (really) applaud that. Stand tall. Smile. And say Thank you.

We started this podcast on borrowed equipment and not an arse in our trousers; then again, it was never about that & we never saw the dollars. As any podcasting (or hort) nutter will tell you. Some official thing to follow. Chat ye Friday. X

On behalf of The Sodshow


  1. Hope ye can keep it going. Carmen.

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