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The Sodshow meets Dublin Urban Farm and The Grow Dome Project – Bloom Fringe 2015 Episode 2


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In the second episode of the Bloom Fringe Live Talks from Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, we discuss the advance of urban agriculture. Yes, that’s right, farming in an urban setting. We don’t just mean within the suburbs of the larger cities though, both the Grow Dome Project, and the Dublin Urban Farm are bringing agriculture right into the city centre. This is a great chat that we just didn’t have enough time for so we’ll be revisiting the topic at later date. It’s brilliant to have so many educated and passionate people chatting about growing their own food. Very inspiring stuff.

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Our thanks to the following:

The Sodshow Live Sessions Team

  • Caitriona Redmond – Executive Producer and Sodshow Co-Host
  • Brian Greene – Sodshow Host and Audio Visual
  • Peter Donegan – Sodshow Host
  • Luke Donegan – No Relation. Photography. Audio visual. Logos.
  • Sean and Stuart of Two Spots Coffee – Transportion and Coffee

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