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The Essential Bloom Visitor’s List


As Bloom 2015 starts officially tomorrow, and the designers are anxiously waiting for judging to be finished (best of luck everybody), here are some of the questions that we get regularly asked about Bloom In The Park. This is the 9th year of Bloom, run by Bord Bia, and we’ve become experts at this stage!Bloom2015

What to wear?

Waterproof boots, preferably ones with good grips. Wellington boots are good but those in the know wear sturdy hiking boots. Wellingtons are for visitors – exhibitors and regular visitors wear hiking boots. Perfect for standing for long periods of time, dealing with puddles of water, and comfortable.
Don’t wear – Stilettos. They get can get stuck in the grills and you’ll get wet feet. Likewise the wet feet applies if you’re wearing sandals.

Spare Socks, bring 2 spare pairs if you’re an exhibitor. There’s nothing like putting on a warm dry pair halfway through the day. Trust us.

Lightweight waterproofs. Not a wind cheater or “rain jacket”. You need a waterproof jacket with taped edges that you can roll up and stick in the bottom of your bag. You’ll thank us later.


There’s no need to bring a drink as there are a number of free water stations located around Bloom. Instead bring a flask that you can refill as you go.

Will you need money?

That’s a great question! You can go in and out of Bloom on just the ticket, you’ll be able to sample some great food along the way, take in a talk or two, learn about gardening, and Irish food. Then go home without putting your hand in your pocket. However, Bloom is the kind of place that you’ll be enticed to pick up a few bits for dinner, maybe some new gardening gloves, what about a cup of decent coffee, oh but look at those brilliant seedlings I’d like in my herbaceous border. You get the gist! Don’t worry if you don’t bring cash with you as there is at least one mobile cash machine on site, although there will be queues.

What if I buy loads of stuff and I don’t want to carry it all around the Phoenix Park?

Don’t worry, there are people to help you with that, think of it like a plant creche or babysitting service.

How long should I spend at Bloom?

How long is a piece of string? If you’re a big fan of gardening, food, and craft you could spend every single day there and still not manage to take everything in. The“Bloomies” or big Bloom fans will likely spend at least 2 full days on site.

How do I find The Sodshow Team?

Keep an eye on our Twitter account @sodshow, and watch out for all three of us most days. We’ll be wearing lanyards with our names on them – we each have our own Twitter accounts too: @DoneganGardens @BrianGreene @WholesomeIE – we’d be delighted to stop and chat!

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