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Bloom 2015: Ashton School, Postcard Garden


ashton school bloom garden 2015

I got this in via The good mate and former guest of The Sodshow Peter Dowdall who thought I might like the story…… I do.

In short, Annie Walsh a student from Ashton School, is creating a postcard garden that will be showcased at this years Bloom 2015. The project is being coordinated by school teacher Ms Kerins.

And they have the following to say about their garden:

This year, as part of our Mini Company Module in school, we, a group of Ashton School (Blackrock, Co. Cork) students, have decided to create and showcase a postcard garden in the Bloom in Transition (BIT) competition, held annually in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

We have decided to create a garden that students can relate to, as during our time in school, we face many trials and tribulations regarding examinations and school life as a whole.

Our garden is therefore an aroma-therapeutic garden using essential plant oils to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Such plants include lavender, thyme, camomile, and jasmine. The centre piece of our garden is an artificial tree; a painted plywood frame topped with real branches. The garden also connects to some of the other senses; sight, smell and hearing. A metal wind-chime hangs within our brightly painted structure. We chose to paint the ‘tree’ a sky blue colour as the colour blue is known for its calming influence on the mind. We have decided for one day of the competition, to hand out muslin bags filled with aromatic herbs so spectators at the show will be able to take something home with them.

After our time showcasing our garden in Bloom, we hope to recreate it in our school during the summer, or the beginning of the new academic year. Students will be free to interact with this remade garden, and smell the aromatic plants in time of stress or anxiety. Staff at our school have been incredibly supportive, and we are all extremely happy with the development of our idea and how it has been constructed so far.
We would especially like to thank our woodwork teacher, Mr Deane, for his help in constructing our centrepiece. His help and dedication have made all of this possible, and we are so grateful. We would also like to thank our guidance counsellor Ms Kerins, for starting us on the path to Bloom (and keeping us on it), and Fiann Ó Nualláin, for his continuing support and advice.

“Bloom in Transition has been a great experience. It gives the students an opportunity to work together and achieve a common goal. It teaches you great teamwork skills.” – Sarah Jere

“It has been a great opportunity and a great way of including our school in this amazing event. Being able to put our own garden in the school gives us, as well as the other students in Ashton, the chance to relax and reflect on every day school life.” – Meghan Quirke

On the 26th of May, the BIT team of Annie Walsh, David Jalill, Meghan Quirke, Rachel Warren-Perry, Rima Sadzeviciute, Robbie Stephens and Sarah Jere will travel to Pheonix Park to construct the garden, and will attend the event for the entire duration.

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