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The Sodshow Meets Marion Keogh of Bloom Fringe – Part 2


On This Weeks Show:
Marion Keogh, Ciara Conville, Peter Donegan - The Sodshow

Peter chats to Marion Keogh, garden designer, all around busy woman, and one of the organisers of the Bloom Fringe. Pictured also above is Ciara Conville of Two Spots Coffee – thanks for being awesome and facilitating our interview.

If you feel it’s a bit like deja-vu then you’re not wrong! This is the second part of a pair of interviews with Marion about the Bloom Fringe movement. This second half is very interesting. Hear how Marion and Esther decided to start Bloom Fringe, how many events they supported last year, and what they hope to do in 2015. Overall this is an extremely inspiring interview and well worth a listen!

Here’s the first interview from last week that you should go to first if you’ve not heard it already!

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