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There’s been an explosion of great garden-related content on the English TV channels in January 2015. Couple that with some pretty ( yes we are fan-boy/fan-girling) fantastic podcasts on BBC Radio of late and we’re beginning to see the GREAT REVIVAL in all things garden, horticulture and growing.

It is pretty wonderful.

4 years ago Peter started The Sodshow in his back garden. Now, it seems like a lifetime ago as we celebrate all things growing-related on The Sodshow on a weekly basis over on Dublin City FM on Fridays at 3pm and afterwards on podcast. While it might seem like we’re shouting “I told you so”, the truth is that horticulture is always going to be en vogue. It pervades our everyday lives, growing, nurturing, and living off the land. Every single individual in the world touches a product that has come from a garden; every, single, day.

How come there are no Irish Garden TV Shows? Great question, we’d love to know the answer to that. The truth of the matter is that for us, The Sodshow is a labour of love. We all have jobs, families to support, and volunteer our time on The Sodshow for the pure love of sharing information, banter, and (for some) cake. If there was an Irish Garden TV Show we’d be delighted to shout about it from the rooftops. Have we missed one? Please let us know if we have!

If you’re as passionate about horticulture, gardening, and growing in Ireland as we are, or maybe you have a product that you think is pretty awesome and would like our listeners to know about, how do you get on air?

It’s simple!

Just get in touch with us using our email, Twitter or Facebook accounts. Do bear in mind that as we have other occupations we might take a wee while to come up with a time that suits us to meet and chat. If you are based in the Dublin area, and/or are willing to come and meet us for an interview that always helps. Bring your passport if you’re a Southsider, Peter has a cake obsession (FYI). Advance notice always helps, weeks if not months in advance of a new event or product launch is of great assistance, because we work on a broadcasting schedule so will need to make sure you get attention when you most need it.

Do you have feedback on a show or would you like us to cover a particular topic? Let us know using the methods listed above (or even comment below if it takes your fancy).

Peter swears he’s no Gerry Daly but if you have a horticultural question that has been bugging you we’ll ask him nicely. Promise!

You, the listeners, and the readers make The Sodshow what it is. An award-winning garden radio show that we love creating.

Thank you.

Peter, Brian & Caitriona

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