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inis mor, donegan (48)

The short version is Brian talks about a trip to Kew Gardens, Peter talks about choosing a garden designer.

The long version is that Peter gets envious as Brian is getting to visit somewhere nice but might not be able to appreciate the experience in full due to lack of knowledge. Brian talks about Valentine’s presents with longevity (I’m sold there). Peter thinks picking a garden designer is a kinda like getting married (and choosing a wedding planner). “it’s nothing to do with the budget, it’s kinda how you want the day to go.” Wow it’s all about the love on this show, the day before Valentine’s Day in Dublin!

Patrick Fox has been “decluttering” his garden – that’s an understatement. Take a look here:

Old friend of the show Kerry Gordon has said something lovely about The Sodshow. Love you more Kerry!  

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The featured image? A lovely seasonal pic of some daffodils on Inis Mor from Peter’s Half Marathon last year.

Song of the week: music by Inni-K and a track called “Come with Me”

 The Sodshow was awarded Ireland’s Best Podcast in 2012 and again in 2013. It’s also Ireland’s only full time garden radio show and is brought to you with thanks to the very lovely

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