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Trade Only: Trolley Fair. Tues 24th Feb 2015


IHNSA, Doran Nurseries 2015

Note this is a Trade Only event

That aside, this in came in from the lovely folks at Doran Nurseries who are celebrating 35 years in the business of growing plants in Ireland. And what caught my eye was the lovely pic they sent on of Kildare Village where it appears they supplied the heathers. In January. Great to see and very much noticed when the effort has been made.

The last time The Sodshow was in Kildare Village of course was to interview Joe Massie, way back in July 2012.

More info on The Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association:

The Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association
c/o The Irish Farmers’ Association, Irish Farm Centre, Bluebell, Dublin 12.  Ph: 01 4500266 F: 01 4565146

KILDARE VILLAGE 2015, Doran Nurseries

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