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The Sodshow Talks About The Rain


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Peter and Brian have a grand natter about the water, the rain, how it’s affecting gardens nationally. Peter has been working on a project over the past number of weeks and the heavy rain has seriously impacted his ability to work. It’s refreshing to hear the lads chatting together. No interviews this week, just the pair of them shooting the breeze. It’s light, it’s refreshing and yes, it’s an Irish Garden Radio Show talking about the weather. How’s that for a national stereotype?

Peter has some interesting comments about how garden design has changed due to the more extreme weather that Ireland has been experiencing and some planting recommendations.

As for the Sodshow team, Brian is doing his best to stay dry, Peter has won the wettest t-shirt in Ireland contest (no joking) and I’m (Caitríona) wringing my gardening gear out. The top image is our new “hall feature” borne out of necessity!

The very appropriate song of the week:

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