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The Sodshow Talks Coffee With Nathanial Charis From Indonesia


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tea coffee festival, dublin

Peter Donegan talks to Nathanial, a coffee farmer from Indonesia. He talks about how Rangoon is perfectly situated to grow coffee, how Java coffee comes from the area of Java and that’s where the name originates. Would you believe that it takes a long, long time for coffee plants to mature? He has some 300 year old coffee trees, wow!

He describes how he started out growing coffee, and it’s not the most conventional of routes that he has taken. This is a great interview, packed with beans (scuse the coffee pun) of information. I’m off to put the kettle on!

With thanks to Trisari Dyah Paramita and Dr Catur Sugiyanto [Agricultural Attaché] of The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU.

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tea coffee festival, dublin

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