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The Sodshow meets Paul O’Sullivan and Adam Whitbourn of Blarney Castle and Gardens – Part 1


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Peter Donegan chats to Adam Whitbourn, head gardener at Blarney Castle and Gardens who discusses how he and his team have taken on the massive task of changing the gardens from an accompaniment to the Castle, to being a stand-alone feature for visitors. His work-in-progress list is, as you might guess, long!

In case you’re wondering about the Blarney Stone…. yes it is there, yes you can kiss it. Paul says it was brought back to Blarney after the crusades and put into the castle wall for safekeeping. There are a number of myths and stories about how it arrived there and why it has special properties.

Have you kissed the Blarney Stone?

We reckon Peter may have visited it more than once….

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