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The Sodshow meets Christian Dinger of Dingers Garden Centre, Germany


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Christian Dinger of Dingers Garden Centre which is just outside of Cologne, it’s very (very) big at 30,000 sq metres. He talks about how he eventually ended up at the helm of the biggest garden centre in Germany in 2004. Their garden centre has a great family ethos and it’s interesting to see how the Dingers have developed this culture and how it helps them to relate to their customers.

There’s a lovely point in the interview where Peter and Christian talk about how gardening and growing things makes people happy. It’s also very interesting to hear how the landscaping industry differs in Germany, partially due to a lower rate of home ownership in Germany.

Peter also spoke to Akihiro Osaki from Osaki Flower Pack, who you hear, expressing his love for The Sodshow all the way in Tokyo in Japan. Sure why wouldn’t you? Pictured from left to right here with journalist Eugene Higgins, our Peter, Masumi Miura and Akihiro Osaki himself.

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