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If you are a PR company or company with a great product, service, island, small country or very simply have a fantabulous green story to tell – do send it on or get in touch. We are here and without you, we [and you] would have no show.

That said and it is no big secret that despite winning some [plural] shiny things, nobody involved in The sodshow gets paid. That and all costs are covered by the team. To clarify, even though the radio show is sponsored and we love having a name on the front our football jersey, it is the radio station that receives those hard earned dollars.

If you want to sponsor/ chip in/ contribute to our bandwidth, batteries, cake, coffee – or insert a random word of your own choice here – or get us to a/ your gig with the recording equipment, we are very much open to suggestions. And in advance very grateful.

If however, while we are doing this thing we do for free – of note: it takes about 12 hours to do one show, after, we get our hands on the recorded audio – and you decide to give us the ultimate run-a-round, become a royal pain in the arse and in short, quite simply are not at all not very polite – you know, the kind of thing your Mom would have clipped you round the ears for – then I guess we’ll just go have a cup of tea instead and go make some daisy chains or do something else that make us smile or giggle more. Even if you are a very large county in Ireland.

Back to happier matters of the heart and you, the very happy chappie reading this….. if you want get on air, have that suggestion or just wanna get involved or to send a product on for review, we would also encourage that. Very much indeed. You can also send on cake. Or refreshments. And cake. In that cake department please note: No Sponges, bottom part of a tiramisu or cakes that have far too much pastry in place of actual cake type cakes.

You are very lovely. And we really love you more.


Contact The Sodshow via Peter Donegan:

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The SodShow
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The Sodshow airs every Friday and is available in iTunes and all good podcast stores around 3.30pm the same day. Thoughts or comments ? @sodshow on twitter or on facebook as The Sodshow.

the sodshow, garden podcast

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