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I can’t stand writing posts like this if I’m honest but, when you get one or two emails in asking, albeit very eloquently, why we haven’t interviewed there or him, or her and then the odd fellow decides to maybe expect the unexpected; then you kind of have to explain what the actual reality is. I hope this does a bit of that. If that makes sense. Does that make sense ?

Deep Breath……. here goes:

Despite winning some shiny things, nobody involved in The sodshow – Irelands Best Podcast 2012 and 2013 – gets paid a red cent. All costs are paid for by us out of our own pockets – including microphones, travel and accomodation etc. And when we take a day [or hours] away from work it is done so at our own expense and cost. Coz we all have real [?] jobs for a living and this podcast radio thing is not that. And yeah, the [radio] show is sponsored and whilst it is great having a name on the front our football jersey [and we really do love you Greensax], that money goes to the radio station. For it is the radio show that is sponsored.

And breath again…… All cleared up ? Lovely.

If you have a random idea in your head and you’d like to get involved or sponsor/ chip in/ contribute to our bandwidth, batteries, sandwiches – or insert a random word of your own choice here – or get us to a/ your gig with the recording equipment, we are very much open to suggestions.

Further if you have a great product, service, island, small country, great show or very simply have a fantabulous green story – do send it on or get in touch. We are here and without you, we [and you] would have no show.

Loves you more
X Peter

update: big thanks to Two Spots Coffee. [un]Official coffee suppliers to The sodshow. I almost forgot. All most 😉

Listen to The SodShow:

The Sodshow airs every Friday and is available in iTunes and all good podcast stores around 3.30pm the same day. Thoughts or comments ? @sodshow on twitter or on facebook as The Sodshow.

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