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When I think back on the history of The Sodshow, a podcast that started out my back garden talking into just the tail end of my iphone, to where it is today, it really is something to be proud of, I guess.

It’s evolution however did not take place just by me on my lonesome. It needed friends. Good people. Fine stock, real mates, who saw what I saw and were willing to invest in that. Not money. But themselves.

And whilst winning shiny things as Irelands Best Podcast in 2012 and 2013 is pretty damn cool, it doesn’t pay the bills. It does however feel pretty damn forking good. Especially when you consider just where it began. And I’ve got Jerry Maguire running through my head.

I’ve always thought and said that if Irish hort was in any way like the foodies the world would be a far happier place. And in reality I don’t really think Irish garden hort folks collectively really have a place [at least online] called home.

The fact that we can have a never heard of before Eddie Byrne and Donal Flanagan on the same show as James Wong and Andrew Wilson does not necessarily mean one story is lesser than the other. In reality however, unless you have a truckload of cash and a shit hot PR company, you would never have heard the former on air. All really great stories as a by the way.

Listen to The SodShow:

To quote the opening line of Radiohead’s ‘The Bends:

Where do we go from here. The words are coming out all wierd…

The next level seems to be to open up A space that was previously dead outside of any Friday and make it more or better for Irish horticulture. Because in part we don’t really or at leat that I am aware have a place for Irish hort, garden and GREAT outdoors news. And I’m kind of thinking that 50 odd shows per annum just might not cover everything.

Since myself and Brian began, Wonder Mom Caitriona has come on board to put a bit of structure in place.Cara T Daly of Waterford Institute and Paul [also] T, Smyth of The Young Horts have joined to get us a better picture of Irelands, as versus just Dublins, hort stories.

And then there were 5.

To the point, If you didn’t buy a Cliff Richard calender this year, why not drop us a line. In years to come Irish Horticulture might send you a a postcard saying cheers. For doing something, for the better of horticulture in Ireland. And legendary status shall be bestowed upon you. And should this not take off ? Well… we tried. And I guess I should not forget where it all began.

Podcast goes out around 3.30 today. Absolute corker. 😉

Peace out
x Peter

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