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Gardens: Tullynally Castle and Tea Rooms


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Don’t ask me how an email dated March gets to land in my inbox just last night, but it did. To that, it was 2012 when I last visited Tullynally Castle Gardens and it was at the tea room that I got to chat with Shirley and John and got a better insight into the behind the scenes of one of Irelands finest.

Here’s what Shirley had to say

Hi there, Peter,

You probably forgot about your visit to the riveting Tullynally Castle Gardens AND TEAROOMS!!!!

Just letting you know that I am opening Up AGAIN on the 19th April, if you have time perhaps you might give me a mention on your radio.

Talk soon,
Thank you

Shirley Lamont

Had not forgotten at all. A wee mention in tomorrows show. Stunningly wonderful. That also goes for the cake and coffee. Higher than highly recommended to visit.

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