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Book Review: The Wildflowers of Ireland, Zoe Devlin


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I got this book sometime ago and though I have been trying to get to meet and chat with Zoe, it seems what I do best [that’s making gardens as a by the way…] has been getting in between our meeting. That happens. It’s allowed. We’ll get there.

What is interesting and noted on The Collins Press website is this:

Here is Zoë’s personal record of the wildflowers that adorn Ireland’s countryside, presented so those without botanical knowledge can gain a greater understanding of the subject. Passionate about this often-overlooked part of our natural heritage, Zoë embellishes descriptions and photographs of the plants with herbal and literary references and related Irish folklore. She describes over 400 commonly found wildflowers as well as some not so common and even rare species. This book creates a new awareness and wider picture of the world of wildflowers in Ireland.

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And I note the part from above that I admire, that this very much includes those without botanical knowledge. Because it is that simple to follow. In a good way. From the point where one might ear mark [see image above top] a book it will note by flower colour, in that colour. And then head into flowering times and better descriptions. And the botanical latin, that I personally love.

Of the 815 approximate wild flowers in this country, Zoe has noted over 530. In real time, I just paused to thinka about that sentence ;. The photographs are perfect and look like they were photographed in situ [as versus in a studio] and more, they are such a long way from what I started with when I first when to college. That, of geographic reference complete with pencil illustrations.

Higher than highly recommended this is one book that stays in my bag at all times when I walk with my local hedgerow society and go camping through this beautiful country we live in. And in my mind I’m secretly proud that there are equal measures of coffee and mud stains in the same place on some of the pages already. That, as versus leaving it sitting on my shelf.

Available in all good book stores. This, very much one for the real outdoors lover written, compiled, photographed and presented by another lover of the great outdoors.

Re the coffee and mud stains, the real outdoor heads all know you cannot fit a coffee table and a book that might sit on top of it in your waterproof rucksack.

5 star rating. Top class. A fine investment.


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