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Sodshow Garden News – May 2014


There have been some slight changes at Sodshow towers. I say slight. What I mean is not a whole lot should have changed at all. More it just got a whole lot better…..


Welcome Cara and Caitriona

Behind the scenes [?] author and Irelands answer to wonder womom Caitríona Redmond came on board and a little more recently Top Don of Horticulture at Waterford Institute of Technology the legendary Cara T Daly joined up.

It is a real honour to have ’em both.

The Sodshow – News

sodshow news

We did prior to announce some new bits here. But in reality was all but show notes for the podcast. This has changed. And for the better, we hope. For the old school podcast heads like myself, everything is right were you left it last. But for the news lovers, it allows [for eg] us to now review a product or gig or, even just post a big barrel of photos from a visit to a garden show.

See the top right hand corner of your screen and simply click news.

A bit silly that never happened before some did say. But quality over quantity at all times; and though it may appear that The Sodshow is somehow haphazardly uploaded on Q to iTunes and Stitcher without fail complete with show notes every single Friday, there is very serious planning behind the scenes. This could not happen without more than two people.

Garden Competitions

In part this comes down to really nice people and great Irish horticultural garden companies being pretty damn fantabulous. It also comes down to having a greater team [again] behind the scenes to manage the things properly. It all takes time.

Of note, the last two competitions were done via facebook and twitter.

Garden News and Podcast to Your Email

You can now get the latest Sodshow news and podcast via email to your inbox.

A box like below will appear. Fill in your email and the wee code and you’re all set.

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A Better Garden Podcast

With everyone involved in The Sodshow working for a living it was tough, at times, keeping it all going. The behind the scenes now firmly in capable hands it now means there is a bit more time to spend making the garden podcast that much better.

Listen to The SodShow:

In news you are able to scroll and pick a show while you read and or subscribe via iTunes and stitcher for android users.

Whatever the changes or additions, the original intention for The Sodshow [always] was

…that gardening and the great outdoors would be a happier place because of what was recorded and that you listened to. Something that would make you smile, as gardening should do.


Thoughts, feedback or wanna get in touch? Just comment below, the kettle’s always on.

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