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Cara T Daly Joins The Sodshow Team


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Dr. Cara T. Daly, has been the course leader for the Horticulture degree in Waterford Institute of Technology since 2013. She is a plant science lecturer and a plant science researcher studying cell death at a cellular level.

In a cruel twist of fate, Cara spends much of her weekends staring sadly out the windows of her Wexford-based home lamenting the fact that she owns a garden which is comprised entirely of macamore clay; she grows lovely dandelions and the docks are as healthy as you’d get anywhere. In her spare time, Cara breaks spades, goes kayak surfing​ and enjoys walks on the beach with her two terriers and her beloved. Cara enjoys acting as an advocate for younger people in horticulture and always encourages her students to read widely and learn accurately.

If you would like to know anything else about Cara (or the Horticulture course in WIT), you can get in touch as follows:

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