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Bloom Fringe 2014 ?


In short. The above happened. I thought, what the frick ? Chelsea ? Edinburgh ? Edinburgh is funnier. I asked. Marion and me spoke. She’s one of the Don’s behind this gig.

Yup it has the official Bloom blessing. Nope it’s not being run by Bloom. By the sounds of things. It’s gonna be pretty flippin’ cool. They have a logo. They have contact details. They’re down there. Just below the press release. And yes they are due on The Sodshow. Soon.

What is Bloom fringe 2014 about:

Celebrating the present creativity in Dublin City in Design, Food and Green spaces. Bloom Fringe 2014 is an ‘on the edge’ event taking place across the capital on Saturday 31st May. Its main focus is to highlight Dublin’s passion as a creative and bio‐diverse, sustainable and green city, celebrating its vibrant communities. Offshoot events are planned for the many interesting and innovative shops, café’s, galleries and event locations with pop up dinners, picnics, artistic elements, workshops and garden interventions sprinkled in between all of which promote sustainability, green infrastructure and community involvement.

The fringe festival will take place on Saturday 31st May 2014 while the Bloom festival runs from Thursday 29th May to Monday 2nd June.

It is a social project to raise awareness of grass roots, creative and innovative people, places and groups already in Dublin. Dublin ‘s Creative Community spanning gardening, design and food are proposing Fringey events. Events companies and artists who already have events planned for the end of May, are showcasing it under the bloom fringe umbrella. The main focus is to highlight Dublin as a growing city, where projects, companies and events focus around areas in the city as platforms to promote, inspire and grow, both physically and conceptually.

Projects and pop ups:
We are gathering fringe enthusiasts daily, as a quick snap shot of some 60 plus proposals for Saturday 31st of May 2014 ‐ we have a creative mornings talk on Freedom, masterchef winner 2012 Tamarin Blackmur picnic, yoga in a greenspace, open community gardens, Irish Landscape Institute talk on Green Roof Technology, Fortunes Fool, Shakespearian Company music performance in a garden, poetry reading in a square, pop up dinners/picnics, some in gardens, some with talks, pork to fork talks, greening gardening/art interventions across the city, cafe’s / gallery and shops with BloomFringe windows/parklets, composting demonstrations, bee keeping workshop, recreate upcycling work shops, hedgerow herbalism, urban foraging, talks by craft makers, open community gardens with walking tours and cycling tours, foraging tours, tree tours and urban interventions and much more. All of which will be on our map and featured on the website.

BloomFringe are also creating greening interventions in and around Grafton street, Georges Street and Wolfe Tone Square.

We are looking for artisan events / art installations/ food providers / growing communities or interesting talks and volunteers. Please call Esther 086 465 0673 or mail ‐

Support to date:
The Bloom team is fully supportive of the Bloom Fringe and will provide an area for the Bloom Fringe promotion in the Phoenix Park. We also have Dublin City Council, the GLDA, Irish Landscape Institute and An Taisce support and many community and artisan individuals.


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