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New Product: Handyteck Flower Pot Filters


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I wasn’t really sure what to make of the Handyteck Flower Pot filters when they first came through my mail box. And if I’m honest I kinda thought to myself, y’know…. really ? Initially.

To the filters; they remind me of a large round tea bag made with wire gauze, of a guage that you might find in a science lab for burning things with a bunsen burner – except these are made from plastic. One is supposed to place them inside at the bottom of a plant pot, before putting the compost in.

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Of the product, they say:

How often do you receive or buy a pot plant with compost falling out of the bottom? Flower Pot Filters will solve this problem and many more. Flower Pot Filters remove the need for stones and gravel. Just place the filter in the pot and you’re ready to go!

On the noting of stones and gravel in the bottom of your pots, aparently not doing that is up for question by some and the research of noted recently on the BBC website. Even more the reason to try this new Irish product you say ?

But it was their second noting that caught my attention:

In Ireland without the mesh netting, the compost spilt out, the roots came through the apertures and the insects attacked the plants. These insects were identified as maggots, worms, woodlice and general garden bugs etc….

In Spain the experiment worked with very much the same results, but the biggest factor were ants, which in warmer climates is a major problem.

Wanna find out more ? The lads will be launching the product at Bloom 2014, stand G43 of the grand pavilion and in September at Glee Birmingham. I’ll give Cathal Corr top marks for sending these on at the start of May. As versus the day before Bloom kicks off.

Of note the product is available in packs of 15 in 6 different sizes and to the trade in boxes of 1000. I can see the fancy the fancy dan garden centres picking up on this one. In the meantime, fair play and only the very best of luck with it.

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