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The Sodshow meets The Best of Buds Florists, Cork

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best of buds, pic courtesy cork independent

Amidst all of of all the very recent and not gone yet storms and floods, it’s fair to say that some were hit a heck of a lot worse than others. And Ireland could only watch as Cork businesses, in particular, were literally battered by the elements.

One note online in particular hit home and is the reason for this show.

And so I got in touch with Paul O’Mahony and asked…

And so this Friday tune in as roving reporter Paul O’Mahony heads to The South Mall, Cork to chat with Carole Horgan of The Best of Buds florists about life; before, during and after the floods;  business, happier times and men who forget to buy flowers on February 14th. Wonderful, giggles and entertaining listening as only it could be with Paul [the absolute legend] O’Mahony.

All this and so much more on Ireland’s Best Podcast 2013 and only garden radio show.

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