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Caitriona Redmond Joins The Sodshow Team


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January 21st, 2014

The Sodshow is proud to announce that Caitríona Redmond has officially joined The Sodshow team.

Caitríona is already a great speaker and podcaster in her own right. She has previously interviewed Peter and Brian and been a guest on the show numerous times. She is also a Mom, a founder member of her own local allotments, a soon to be accomplished author and a great outdoors lover.

“We make no secret of the fact that what is now Ireland’s Best Podcast two years running, began as one man talking into the tail end of his iPhone some years ago. Far from it in fact, we’re really very proud of it. That said and whilst we don’t want to lose our sometimes immature way of looking at horticulture, behind the scenes we do work extremely hard. And for the better for the listeners and for myself and Brian, it’s great to have her on board.”

said Peter Donegan.

“We’d like to think from where we started that it in some way will inspire others to do something similar. Irish and UK horticulture and podcasting needs new voices. And equally The Sodshow, like anything in life, sometimes needs a breath of fresh air. The reality is and though the show is still very young, Ireland’s only garden radio show has evolved and Caitríona’s move is one that can only make this radio show and podcast much, much better for those than tune in to listen live or subscribe to the podcast.”

noted Brian Greene.

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