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On This Week’s Show:

This week Peter Donegan talks with Dee Sewell and Sanadra Austin of The Community Garden Network and also Ciaran Walshe and Shane Maher of GIY Ireland.

The Sodshow is Ireland’s best podcast 2013 and only garden radio show and is brought to you by the very brilliant
image above courtesy Collette Cunningham
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  1. My photograph above is not “courtesy of” me, you lifted it, without my permission, from a blog post which I wrote about Bloom 2013. You have also added insult to injury by spelling my name wrong on the link back to my blog. I would be obliged if you would remove my photograph from your website. Next time you wish to use other people’s photographs, ASK first.

    • Did you get Peter’s permission to publish a photograph of him on your website Colette?

      • The primary subject of the photograph is Ms. Sewell, who gave me permission to post her image in my blog-post. (Ms. Austin had her back to me) and Mr. Donegan & Mr. Corscadden happened to be interviewing her at the time.

        • Colette, I think it says something about your photograph that the “primary subject” does not stand on it’s own. I think you would have been better served to have contacted Peter privately to raise your concerns.

          Peter could easily be interpreted as the “primary subject” in the photo I would consider this fair use.

    • Mr. Ms. Subject.
      The photo is gone.
      No one gives a fuck.

      A few days in the how to at the very least come across as being friendly might be a suited Christmas gift.

  2. Hi Colette,

    my name is Peter and I was/ am the culprit responsible for lifting the image without permission from the superb post you wrote about Bloom 2013.

    It was not my intention to add insult to to injury or to cause any form of upset to you. And for that I apologise most sincerely.

    I know I can be a silly billy at the best of times but still that is no excuse for the incorrect use of ‘courtesy of’ and the use in any format of your image.

    On a slight side note, I could not approve your comment here as I was in a field making a garden and was laptopless. I shall now reply to your facebook comment.

    The photo has been now been removed from the website.

    On another slight side note, my friend John thought it was a very nice photograph. Though I am unsure if he thought it was a very nice photo of me.

    Sincerest apologies once again.

  3. Apology duly noted and accepted.

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