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Best Podcast – Finalist 2013


I was busy in a tree/ tree nursery/ garden / all of the above so just getting ’round to noting this now; but it seems The Sodshow is again a finalist for this years Best Podcast award at the Blog Award Ireland 2013 gig.

For those who maybe are not aware…. we won that baby last year. What big head ? And On behalf of The Sodshow team I’d like to thank again, Brian’s Mom for being our only listener and nominating us.

Official Sodshow quote on being up there with the best of them:

always nice to make the Irish squad

Of note, we’re finalist-‘d alongside some pretty deadly other Irish podcasts that we personally and very highly recommend you go and take a listen to:

Also nominated in the earlier stages for Best Podcast were:

Hat tip at this juncture to the Greensax team. Legendary status has now been granted. 😉 Also of note: behind the scenes of the sodshow. In the meantime, thanks you for listening and being deadly. x Peter On behalf of the sodshow team the sodshow greensax

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