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The Big Fat SodShow 2012 Thank You List


niall okeeffe, peter donegan

Before we even start the thank youz, this show would be nothing without you who listens by our side and from the bottom of our big fat green fluffy hearts, we thank you dearly. If you were all one woman and we but a simple man, sitting on a park bench by the docks, in an arron sweater and a cap, tilted slightly to the left, supping on our pipe and a bottle of something rural Irish, we’d ask you to marry us.

To our guests – and more than 100 of your voices for which we stand, applaud and bow to your kind hearts and lovely bubbly insides. If you put the sodshow into a calculator and press the Square root button – or just read the history bit on the about page – you’d get Peter realising there is no place to tell a great story that has something green and beautiful about it. Or at least, that’s why it all started. You are legends. And we will always love you more. – Our audio is hosted by the wonderful and has been since day 1. From our hosting to our channel – if it’s audio meets the internet and it is The Sodshow, they are the brains behind it. More than that, their support is worth a bizillion dollars and we via them have never let you down.

Dublin City Fm – It’s noted in the about page but, they were there also from day 1. Not to be forgotton and when The Sodshow had no name, they took a bit of a punt. We like to think it paid off.

Luke Donegan – no relation to Peter, seriously. Luke has designed every single logo and been there when it mattered most. That is, when the sh*t hits the fan. We call. He’s there. The little pup. We love him dearly.

and finally but not least…. – our best mates and show sponsors. We teamed up around June 2012 and it wouldn’t be that far off the mark to say we’re like some scene from Jerry Maguire. They really have been our best mates and we love them/ you dearly.

In the meantime, Friday 21st December will be the last show for 2012.

We love you the most.

Peter and Niall.

the sodshow

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