The Sodshow, Garden Podcast

The Sodshow: Trees, Biodiversity and Leaves


The SodShow, Dublin’s only garden radio show. Live every Friday @ 3pm – or after tea-time in podcast


On this weeks show:

Peter and Niall talk biodiversity, trees and booting the bejaysus out neatly raked piles of leaves! A fun little in-studio chat between the two lads and music from the legendary Mama’s and the Papa’s. You’ll never guess which song it is… Here’s a clue: All the leaves are a certain colour…

Yes folks, Dublins only garden radio show and Ireland’s Best Podcast returns to your desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and radios with another dose of greenie goodness. Got some feedback, thoughts or just some ready microwave meals? You know where to send them!

With thanks as always to our lubbly jubbly show sponsors Greensax, the compostable bag for home and garden.

Listen to The SodShow:

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