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The Sodshow: A Corkagh Park Demesne Special – Part 2/ 2


On this weeks show:

This week we return to our day trip to Corkagh Park Demesne, where our non-Gardeners Group were very kindly welcomed by Máire Ní Dhomhnaill, Joe Hickey and David Cotter of South Dublin County Council. Did you know that gunpowder was made here in the 1700’s? Neither did we….

More on South Dublin County Council:

So on this week’s show we listen to that, a little news, events and chit-chat of the gardeny variety and music from the brand new album by Irish crooner Jack Lukeman (just released today)! The SodShow is brought to you by Greensax, the compostable bag for home and garden.

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  1. Thank you 🙂 You are my favourite award warning podcast and garden radio show mwah! And congratulations, so very well deserved.

  2. Award warning??? Think you know I mean award winning! May sort out this auto correct sharpish

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