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20 September, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Lara Behr

On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

Just one year in business under her own name Lara Behr designed the Macmillan Legacy Garden at The Royal Horticultural Society RHS Tatton Park 2017 show were she won Gold Medal and The People’s Choice Award.

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Together Peter Donegan and Lara chat studying law pre horticulture with Andrew Fisher Tomlin at the London College of Garden Design; Being raised in Zimbabwe, a career that would never be offered to an academic and the change to a more creative career were, the rewards are different, if I might call them that.

Design briefs, clients, influence and the challenges of show gardening in this case for MacMillan Cancer Support; we also talk what the future holds, what Lara hoped for the garden and everything in between.

13 September, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Styal Prison, RHS Tatton 2017

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Peter Donegan talks with Eddie Tarry, Community Engagement Manager at HMP Styal Prison and Horticulture Instructor Audra Bickerdyke.

The team and ladies of Styal Prison designed and built the Stop Think Change garden at RHS Tatton 2017.

Of note, there’s a bit of noise tapping in the background, entirely down to inclement weather and the fact that this was recorded in the speakers marquee / tent at Tatton Park.

From dealing with self harm, well-being and mental health, we talk about the benefits of horticulture within and post leaving the prison; the journey through designing and building a garden at RHS Tatton and bringing women back into the community.

We chat why HMP Styal chose to take on the size of garden they did and at such a prestigious show, the differences between any other garden designer putting together a garden at a RHS show, their sponsors Novus Foundations for Change, what it means to those who were part of creating a RHS Silver medal garden and what it means to their future.

Much congrats to sponsors Novus Foundations for Change, HMP Altcourse, HMP Garth, Four Oaks Nursery, Briggs Equipment and Spectrum and my thanks to all of the ladies who I met at the garden over my 2 days at RHS Tatton.

My thanks also to the team at RHS Tatton Flower Show and The Royal Horticultural Society. 

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6 September, 2017
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The Sodshow Live, Dublin Castle: Laura Russo TCD, Aarhus Denmark, Bloom Fringe 2017. The Church Bar, Dublin

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Peter Donegan hosts The Sodshow Live from Dublin Castle, as part of Bloom Fringe 2017.

Thoughts or comments ? @sodshow on twitter or facebook The Sodshow. And If you have a minute, you might leave a rate and review in iTunes. This series from Bloom Fringe 2017 is with very much thanks to The Church Bar and Restaurant Dublin – thanks lads.

The voices you will hear are:

Laura Russo – scientist at Trinity College Dublin.

Laura talks about bees, pollinators and what we do and can do. Lara talks the decline of bees, extinctions and others that also pollinate. Lara also refers to the All Ireland Pollinator Plan and the Campus Pollinator Plan at Trinity. 

Esther Gerrard, Marion Keogh and Rosin de Buitlear

Esther talks about Bloom Fringe, why and what they do. Marion refers to the work that they have seen abroad and how that interacts with the changes they are trying to make in Dublin and Roisin chats about those she met and chatted with and on a very personal level the differences change not only a place but a person.

Ulla Maria Aude – Aarhus Denmark

Aarhus European City of Culture – Active citizenship in Aarhus.
Ulla talks about changing spaces from cars to people, making the city more cultural, the Institute for X, a place for music and art. A neighbourhood for creative activity, community gardens and testing things before you plan the park and making then making those things permanent.

Marie Overgaard Nielsen – Taste Aarhus & the Green Embassy

Marie chats about putting the Green Embassy right in the heart of the green area; a space that is accessible, open and lit up round the clock for all to see to encourage them to come in. She also chats Taste Aarhus, a wild taste festival of ant eating with mohitos and toasted worms – but essentially, they encourage people to try – allowing them to fail and encouraging them to try again. It is also about gardens wild – but getting the people to the nature; urban community gardens for socialising and hanging out.


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30 August, 2017
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The Sodshow Live, Salt Lake City: Dr Paul Twigg, University of Nebraska Kearney. Thyme and Place

On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

pic courtesy Bethr_Copeland

Peter Donegan chats with Dr Paul Twigg, Professor at the University of Nebraska Kearney, Live from Salt Lake City Utah.

Paul was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. He developed a love of plants because of a Venus fly trap, his grandmother’s gladiolus patch and his grandfather’s garden. He has a a Ph.D. in Botany and has worked at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he says, his greatest accomplishment is his students.

In addition to his teaching, Paul conducts research on plants useful as food crops and in the biofuel industry, plant relationships with soil microbes, to name but a few and also has an interest in scientific communication or translating science into everyday terms. He currently lives in central Nebraska with his wife of 23 years, 5 cats, 2 Jacob sheep, and 2 miniature donkeys.

Peter talks to Paul about how he grew up and into the world of biology and plants, how he originally wanted to become a chemist, his work at the University of Nebraska where he teaches and has over 25 years mentored 160 undergraduate projects and 40 graduate projects.

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With Prof Paul Twigg, Molecular Biology at @unkearney – in Chelsea.

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Live from Salt Lake City Utah, brought to you by Thyme and Place, this is from the second night of The Sodshow Live. Peter Donegan was there for a little over one week were 6 guests in total, over 2 nights either side of St Patricks Day 2017 were interviewed in front of a live audience.

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24 August, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Mark Gregory, Landform Consultants

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Peter Donegan talks with Mark Gregory, the most medalled RHS builder, and designer, of gardens. In fact Mark has never not won a RHS Chelsea medal.

In total, he holds over 90 RHS Chelsea medals, in excess of 35 of them are Gold, 3 personal Gold’s as a designer and 1 silver-gilt on Main Avenue and 150 Gardens for The Royal Horticultural Society over 28 years – which roughly equates to 3 years of his working life on that one site.

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At Chelsea 2017 he built 4 gardens. 2 on Main Avenue and 2 Artisan Gardens. They included the RHS Greening Grey Britain garden for Nigel Dunett, the Yorkshire Forward garden for Tracey Foster; the Seedlip Garden for former guest of The Sodshow Catherine Mac Donald and The Poetry Lovers Garden for Fiona Cadwallader.

Mark also has a teaching college with (also) former guest of The Sodshow and Chelsea Gold medal winner Andrew Wilson. He is RHS and Kew trained. He has judged show gardens designed and built by Donegan Landscaping and we have known each other for over 10 years.

We talk inspiring the next generation of horts, inspiring the “younger generation”, horticulture in the media and what needs to change and a fixation on ageism. We chat getting old, Marks future in garden building, getting it wrong and just how he started in the industry and a work ethic that stays with him to this day. And of course we deviate entirely off the point……

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