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23 March, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Jonathan Ward, Garden Photographer, Ginger Horticulture

On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

jonathan ward, ginger hort, garden podcast

Garden photographer Jonathan Ward chats with Sodshow garden podcast host Peter Donegan.

The first ever garden photographer on The Sodshow, you may assume it would be as simple as it sounds. But and maybe as is always the case, this story is just that slight bit different.

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From rose pruning and the influence from elders at a younger age, to management at a very high level and a stint at Myerscough College to some of the biggest landscaping projects one might not have considered, Jonathan’s now title in mind. We delve sideways into the business that was landscaping and where and why it may not have gone according to plan for Jonathan. To just how and why one, within the UK horticulture industry ends up remaining slightly cleaner, still within that industry, travelling the world and doing (or maybe more to the point) viewing what it is you still love so very much.

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15 March, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Brian Granahan, St Patricks BNS, Skibereen, Cork

On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

Brian Garnahan, peter donegan

Peter Donegan chats with Brian Granahan, a school teacher at St Patricks Boys National School based in Skibereen in Cork.

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Whilst Peter and The Sodshow Live Show is off in the United States doing the live show, this is as close as one could get to St Patrick and Ireland, being the day that’s in it and it is a fantastic story to hear.

Brian has set up what some may call a school garden but this one has a difference. It includes a sensory garden, a school garden and a geodesic dome which operates the entire way round the calender, eductaion (so to speak) and school closing and opening times aside. They also do a lot more than that and with a difference.

The fact that they also grow tea, an entire bed of carnivorous plants and rice whilst watching hand polinated sweetcorn growing and a trialing of banana and pineapple plants.

This is literally a school garden with a difference.

West Cork Garden Trail:

9 March, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Charlotte Harris, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

rhs chelsea 2017, charlotte harris

Peter Donegan chats with Charlotte Harris Designer of The Royal Bank of Canada Garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017. 

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“When designing this garden, I spent time in northern Ontario exploring on foot and by canoe – navigating the waterways, pine forests, flora and granite of the Boreal,” said Charlotte Harris. “This time was a precious source of inspiration for the design, providing an appreciation of what comprises this unique and beautiful environment, as well as the importance of living sustainably and in harmony with our precious ecosystems.”

The boreal forest is the largest intact forest and wetland ecosystem on earth, accounting for 25 per cent of the world’s freshwater resources and storing twice the amount of carbon as tropical forests, according to the International Boreal Conservation Campaign. The garden seeks to create a space inspired by this landscape, rather than to recreate it. A wilder garden folds around man-made elements, crafted from materials evocative of the boreal.

“We are excited to partner with Charlotte for our seventh garden at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show,” said Stuart Rutledge, CEO, RBC Wealth Management – International. “The garden design is a tribute to the beauty of Canada’s boreal forest. As one of the largest Canadian companies in the UK, we look forward to bringing Canada to Chelsea and marking the country’s 150th birthday.”

This will be Charlotte’s first time as lead designer at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, having previously worked on a number of Main Avenue gardens, including Luciano Giubbilei’s Best in Show garden of 2014 and Hugo Bugg’s Royal Bank of Canada Garden in 2016. Charlotte has chosen a strong female design team including architect, technical detailer and horticulturists.

2 March, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Paul Hervey Brooks, RHS Hampton Court and RHS Chatsworth 2017

On This Episode of the garden podcast:

paul hervery brooks, garden podcast, 2017

Peter Donegan chats with Garden Designer Paul Hervey Brookes

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Paul Hervey-Brookes is a well-respected designer who has built a strong reputation for landscapes and gardens that are classically English relying on planting schemes to create spaces and rich, multi-layered habitats. His plant-focused philosophy is rooted in his early training at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and subsequent garden experiences.

Paul has been described by his peers as arty, creative and possessing an immense plant knowledge. His ability to read landscapes and evoke intense feelings and emotions has won him acclaim across the board. He works on a diverse range of public landscapes and private gardens both in the Untied Kingdom and Internationally.

He has created a number of show gardens including four at the Chelsea Flower Show, where he won Gold with the BrandAlley Garden in 2013 along with creating gardens for Bradstone in 2010 and the RNIB in 2011, winning a Silver and Silver-Gilt Medal respectively.

Paul has also created show gardens on the International stage, most recently at RHS Tatton where he won Gold & Best in Show in 2016 and Gold at Hampton Court in 2016. In 2015 he won Gold at Philadelphia and ‘Best Colour’ award at the new Japan Home & Garden Show. In 2014 at Gardening World Cup Japan he won Best in Show, Gold and Best planting after winning gold there at the 2013 show. He has exhibited at the Ellerslie Flower Show in New Zealand in 2014 and at the inaugural Lyon Salon, Scenes du Jardin in 2015. Paul won Gold and Best Destination Garden for his Discover Jordan Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2012. The garden was based on his personal experiences of this unique and richly diverse landscape.



23 February, 2017
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Garden Podcast: John Bevan, Head Gardener, Lisselan House, West Cork

On this episode of the garden podcast:

john bevan, lisselan house

Peter Donegan chats with John Bevan, Head Gardener at Lisselan House, Clonakilty in West Cork.

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John was born in Glengariff, but as a younger man spent most of his summers in Garnish Island where his love of plants grew. He went on to study horticulture at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. Post that he started an apprenticeship in the Parks Department in Dublin and then moved back home to Cork when the job as head gardener when it arose about 17 years ago.

To his credit, John designed and built the current Fuchsia garden that exists there at the old enclosed garden. Currently the estate is for sale but still open to the public and part of West Cork Garden Trail.

Lisselan House:

Sited by the banks of the Argideen River, Lisselan was built between 1851 and 1853 by William Bence – Jones and was designed by Lewis Vuliamy. Designed by Sir Thomas Newenham Deane, in the late 1800’s the smoke room wing was added. He also as a by the way designed the lodge at the front gate. In 1929 C.O. Stanley bought the property and in 1946 he added a single storey addition to the hall along the entrance.

Of Lisselan Gardens, it is noted:

Lisselan Gardens in Clonakilty were laid out in Robinsonian style from the early 1850’s.
William Bence-Jones, the owner of the estate, chose a site on a promontory above the river for a French chateau style house, which was designed by Lewis Vuliamy. The Bence-Jones family created 30 acres of gardens which take advantage of the natural features of the West Cork landscape, contours provided by the valley and the Argideen river running through it.


With thanks to West Cork Garden Trail’s Miriam and Bev Cotton for being brilliant.

And also to Maxx Marshall for the music.